EP 14. How Private Law Would Work In A Free Society

For the advanced libertarian, or for those who understand the free market works best. In this episode we examine Robert Murphy’s book titled “Chaos Theory” where we go over contracts, insurance and their roll in developing the “law”. Freedom is not lawlessness like most think, in fact to the contrary it can be looked at as the best and most efficient regulator. There is no possible way to make the case for private law in one episode but I did want to riff on the topic for this weeks episode. Enjoy!

Link to “Chaos Theory” on Amazon 

link to Las Vegas Victims’ Fund

EP 12. A Deeper Look At Liberty

Today is part 1 of a series, with the topic of looking at human liberty from a deeper perspective. Today JV goes over a few different topics  ideas, issues that come up in these types of discussions, including things like free trade and the NAP. Enjoy!

Dont Worry, It’s Only a Temporary Government Program…

In today’s episode we will be going over the never ending compounding process of how the state grows, with the focus on so called “temporary programs” that come about during times of crises.

Ep 10. Whig Theory Of Scientific Progress, Paradigm Shifts And Lost Knowledge

In today’s controversial episode of Our Coward Kings we will be going over one of the biggest misconceptions in science and in knowledge in general. The idea that we always sit on the shoulders and see things more clearly than the previous age, and that this happens in a consistent step by step process… Do we Really? Why it’s an incredibly fascinating topic, why it’s important to understand and what it says about the current consensus.

EP 9. Don’t Be Afraid Of Automation!

In today’s episode we discuss the benefits of automation, and how to the contrary of what most people think it creates jobs we never knew could exist! We also will be taking a look at if the benefits of automation and if it enhances or impoverishes us spiritually.

EP 8. The Consistency Of The Non-Aggression Principle

Today we will be revisiting the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) what it is, what it isn’t, and why so many people supposedly accept this simple principle but do not draw it to its consistent conclusion.

EP 6. Natural Law vs. Man’s Law: Understanding the difference.

In todays episode of Our Coward Kings we will be discussing the huge difference between natural law and man made law. With the intensity of the current culture war today, it is important to know our equality comes from our rights, and they are not granted by a state permission slip. Tune in for the clear understanding between the two heavily debated lines of thought.