EP 5. Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

Today we will be going over one of the most tangled and twisted topics of our time, money, and in a deeper way which you have probably never heard. What it actually is, its history and If it really is the root of all evil. It is important that we have a strong understanding of even the most basic aspect of how we operate as humans, for some reason most people don’t. Be we are changing that at OCK!

EP. 3 Major General smedley butler: “War is a racket”

Today’s talk is on the book titled “War Is A Racket” by Smedley Butler. Butler was the highest ranking marine when he died in 1940, he left behind a book that exposes the horrors of war and the now dubbed “military industrial complex”  and in this episode we dissect and analyze his courageous words.

Ep 4. Why So Many People Are Inclined To Socialism.

Today we will dissect the anti-capitalist mentality as well as a few reasons why so many people are disposed to socialism even though it has wrecked every economy it has been tried in.